Written Testimonial 1

“Lindyn made me feel really at ease”

It was so much fun. I’m usually really nervous when I do photographs, but being pampered a little bit ahead of time with hair and makeup and then Lindyn made me feel really at ease; I think we get some really great photographs because of it!

- Kim fink Jensen



"It was such an amazing, relaxing afternoon"

To tell you the truth, I was a little bit nervous before I showed up because who likes getting their photo taken? But it was such an amazing, relaxing afternoon and I felt really pampered, having my hair done and makeup done. Lindyn’s an absolute pro, so getting the photos taken was painless and was actually fun - I’m looking forward to seeing the end results!

- Marlene Lowden

Marlene Lowden Testimonial 2

Maxine Cunningham Testimonial 3

"It's so worth the money!"

If this experience has taught me anything, when you get together with professionals in a packaged manner you not only walk away with content, you get an experience. I was really appreciative that Instead of me having to go book my makeup and my hair, or just to do it myself, you brought it all to me. It’s so worth the money!

- Maxine Cunningham